Terms of Service


In this document the terms "we/us/our" refer to "1Snippet Freelance" business entitiy (ABN: 48772142920). The term "1Snippet Website" refers to www.1snip.pet domain name. The terms "you" or "users" encompass the following levels of users of 1Snippet website:

The term "service" refers to the process of providing solutions by Developers to job requests provided by Requesters.


1Snippet is a freelance platform connecting code snippet requests from Requesters with solutions Developers provide. In this platform, Requesters are buyers of Developer's service and 1Snippet Website provides the platform and infrastructure for that interaction to happen. This document explains the service provided by us to users and its reading and acceptance are prerequisites to start receiving the service.


Before start using 1Snippet Website, you must read the whole Terms and Condistions and all linked information.

You must read and accept all of the terms in, and linked to, this Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and How It Works pages. By accepting this Terms of Service as you access 1Snippet Website, you agree that this Terms will apply whenever you use 1Snippet Website, or when you use the features that are available to interact with the Website. Some parts of 1Snippet Website may have additional or other terms that we provide to you when you use those services.


You will not use 1Snippet Website if you:

We may, at our discretion, refuse to register any person as a User.

Compontents of Service

Using 1Sinppet

The process

The service process is explained in How it Works section of About page. Additional notes below:

Job requests submitted by Developers go through an approval process with one of below workflows:

After acceptance of the solution, the solution will be listed in Solution page - if the Requester is chosen the job to be public.

Jobs being Public or Private

The Requester at the time of requesting the job should determine if the job description and consequenly its solution description is going to be private or public. Private means Guest Users or other Requesters will not be able to see the job/solution. Please note all developers will be able to see the job description before it goes to Closed status. When the Job goes to Closed status, only the Requester and Developer who worked on the job will be able to see the solution. In case the soltuion is rejected by reviewer, the job will become visible to all Developers.

The public/private attribute of the job cannot be changed after the submission of the job.


Communications between us and users are done through emails provided by users upon registration. We communicate to users by email at below events:

Intellectual Property Rights Infringement

By submitting Job Requests - having public attribute, Requesters give us perpetual and non-revokable right over using and showing Job Description in electronic form to visitors of 1Snippet Website worldwide.

By submitting Job Requests - having private attribute, Requesters give us perpetual and non-revokable right over using and showing Job Description in electronic form to Developers, Reviewer and Business Owner(s) of 1Snippet Website worldwide.

By submitting Solutions - for public Jobs, Developers give us perpetual and non-revokable right over using and showing Solution Description in electronic form to visitors of 1Snippet Website worldwide.

By submitting Solutions - for private Jobs, Developers give us perpetual and non-revokable right over showing Solution Description in electronic form to the Requester via 1Snippet Website.

If you notice copyrighted material on 1Snippet Website in solutions provided by Developers, contact" us and they will be taken down based on a standard DMCA request procedure.

Fees and Services

1Snippet currently has one product called "Job Request". This product is offered to Requesters by which they can issue job requests for Developers to pickup.

1Snippet provides "Job Request" products in an open marketplace to existing or potential Developers to choose from.

Payments done by Requesters go toward credits. The Requester buys credits usable for a product. At the time of Requesting a Job, the Reqeuster assigns their available credit to the Job.

"Job Request" Price: The price of a product is determined at the time of buying credits. The price is shown to the Requester in "Add Credit" page and the Requester by paying toward that credit(s) accepts that product fee.

Determination of "Job Request" product price: This price is roughly "minimum of half an hour of average household income in the Requester's country OR 5 AUD". 1Snippet uses various sources to obtain and periodically updates these data. The Requester and Developer must agree that calculations behind determination of fee of the product may not reflect the numbers they may obtain from differnt sources at different times. Additionaly since currency exchange rates are also involved in determination of the fee the Requesters and Developers see, 1Snippet will not guarantee the fee will reflect the exact currency exchange rate from a specific source at a point of time.

"Job" Price: Job price is the price paid to Developers for the solution description (code snippet) they provide to the jobs. This price equals to "Job Request" price after deduction of 1Snippet share and payment transcation fees. The job price is shown to Develoeprs in "Job" page before picking up the job. A Developer accepts the Job Price by providing the solution to the job.

Job Pay (exact) vs Job Pay (approx): The Job page contains two columns whowin the job price: Job Pay (exact) and Job Pay (approx). The exact amount is the exact amount that will be paid by PayPal to the Developer if their "PayPal currency of preference" is the same as the credit used by the Requester to pay for the job. In cases where Requesters payment toward credit and Developer's "PayPal currency of preference" are similar, the developer will benefit from receiving the money in the same currency and will avoid paying currency exchange fees incured by PayPal (charged toward Developer). In case the Developer's "PayPal currency of preference" is different to the currency used by Requester to pay for the Job Request, Job Pay (approx) column will show the amount the Developer will receive in their PayPal in their currency of choice. 1Snippet has no control over the currency exchange rates PayPal applies to the Payment and hence this value is shown just as approximation.

Payments to Developers

All payments to Developers are handled by PayPal. To this end, providing a valid paypal email address is mandatory otherwise 1Snippet will be unable to pay the Developer.

Payments are done on a weekly basis EOD Wednesday AEST time.

By accepting this Terms you confirm that you have a valid working PayPal account which is not restricted and is able to receive payments.


Credits purchased by Reviewers can automatically be refunded to Reviewers under certain circumstances explained above (e.g. when Job is not picked up by any Developer after certain period of time). These refunded credits can be reused and assigned to new Job Requests.

Refunding the payment done by a Requester can only be initiated in circumstances a credit refund is done first. Following that a written request needs to communicated to 1Snippet Website vi email.

Right to Refuse Service

We reserve the right to refuse service to any user based on our discretion. This will be done by informing the user via email they have provided and the payment settlement will be done through a valid PayPal email provided by the user in thier account. The PayPal payment in this case may incur fees.

Dispute with Users

For any dispute raise the matter through contact page.

All claims you bring against 1Snippet must be resolved in accordance with the terms of this Terms of Service. All claims filed or brought contrary to this Terms of Service shall be considered improperly filed and a breach of this Terms of Service. Should you file a claim contrary to the terms of this Terms of Service, 1Snippet may recover its legal fees and costs (including in-house lawyers and paralegals), provided that 1Snippet has notified you in writing of the improperly filed claim, and you have failed to promptly withdraw the claim.

You agree that you will not pursue any claims arising under this Terms of Service on a class or other representative basis and will not seek to coordinate or consolidate any arbitration or action hereunder with any other proceeding.


The payments to Developers will be in their currency of choice. All the exchange rates applied in various parts of website are obtained by third parties serve as aproximations. The rates are only refreshed periodically. Actual exchange rates related to payments (to 1Snippet or by 1Snippet) are handled and calculated by PayPal. The only place the currency exchange rates are not applied are in Jobs page where developers see the job rates - only where the job's payment matches developer's currency of choice. These values come under Job Pay (exact) column.

Closing Your Account

Closing a user's account is a manual process and you need to inform us by email. Upon termination of a Requester's account, all of the Solutions relevant to their private Jobs will be permanently deleted from 1Snippet Website and servers. All of the Solutions and comments relevant to their public Jobs will be kept and remain intact. Also all information related to their accounts will be removed. Upon termination of a Developer's account only the information relevant to their account will be removed and their contributions to Solutions and comments will not be removed.


Developers are responsible for paying taxes on the payments 1Snippet Website makes to them based on the regulations of the country of their residence.


By using an 1Snippet Website, you agree that we can place these types of cookies on your device. Your web browser may allow some control over cookies through your browser settings. To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set on your device and how to manage and delete them, visit www.allaboutcookies.org


For information about our Privacy visit Privacy Policy page.

Disclaimer and No Warranty as to Content

Solutions provided in 1Snippet Website are works of Developers who contribute to 1Snippet on a freelance basis and are not employees. 1Snippet provides a platform for Developers and Requesters to be matched together and has no liability for their interaction or the content provided. Requester's acceptance of a Solution Description provided by a Developer defines the end of supply/demand cycle between Requester and Developer. At this stage 1Snippet Website considers that cycle finalised and will not medidate any further or accepts any responsibilty or liability over the validity of content. In case of copyright infridgement, they will be taken down at request.