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1Snippet Freelance is a start-up in Melbourne providing 1Snippet website as service.

1Snippet is a freelance platform providing code snippet solutions to bite-sized and manageable programming jobs. Users demanding code snippets post jobs on 1Snippet platform and developers connect with them to deliver the jobs done. A main feature of 1Snippet jobs is they have a fixed price as approximately average of half an hour of income where the job is originating (a minimum fee applies). This encourages local developers to connect to the service and also creates an opportunity for developers in lower income countries to pickup jobs from higher paying jobs or paying currencies with high exchange rates. As an example, the job price for a requester in US is around 10 USD but the job price for a requester in another country could be around 3.60 USD (depending on exchange rates). So a developer in the "cheaper" country is encouraged to pick up jobs posted from both places while developers in US will also have chance to pick up higher paying local jobs.

ABN: 48772142920